There are many informative websites, whitepapers, blogs, news articles, reports, presentations and videos about digital disruption and innovation. This section of the Burning Platform blog highlight’s some of the best thinking on these topics from around the web.

Reserve Bank of Australia – “Reserve Bank tech chief offers business three rules for dealing with digital disruption” [LINKEDIN PULSE ARTICLE]

Synopsis: Sarv Girn, CIO of the Reserve Bank of Australia, speaking at a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia function said:

“When we use the word disruption in context of ‘digital disruption’, then it’s about innovating to break the ranks of status quo, it redefines the norm, and changes the markets and competitors around us. This comes through a relentless focus on the customer and offering new business models and new ways of applying technology.”

McKinsey – How digital is transforming retail: The view from eBay [INTERVIEWS/VIDEOS]

Synopsis: In this interview and short videos, Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces, explains the impact of digitization and why retailers must evolve to survive. His opening comment is telling – all commerce is digital, there is no online plus offline, he says “every merchant…must have an omnichannel strategy or they won’t survive.”

McKinseyScreen shot 2014-08-06 at 9.08.44 PM

PwC DIGITAL PULSE – Eight Trends Driving Digital Disruption [REPORT]

Synopsis: Discusses the inherent advantage of using the Internet to efficiently access large numbers of people. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are now legitimate methods to launch a start-up business or gain supporters for a new idea. The article links to a downloadable report, that features a graphic (shown below) of the Australian industries they expect will be seriously disrupted in the next 2-4 years.


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CMO.COM.AU – “Deloitte defines 5 attributes to cope with next wave of digital disruption” [ARTICLE]

Synopsis: Deloitte Digital practice leader Steve Hallam says the five prevalent digital trends – social, media, analytics, cloud and cyber – are necessary but not sufficient to create a successful digital strategy. Speaking at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium in Sydney, Hallam delivered an update on last year’s Digital Disruption – Short Fuse, Big Bang report, which estimated two-thirds of the Australian economy would be significantly disrupted within the next five years.

Brian Solis –  Digital analyst, anthropologist, futurist & author [WEBSITE]

Brian is globally recognised as one of the most prominent thought leaders about digital transformation. Here is a handy summary of Brian’s quotes from his three best-selling books:


Iain McDonaldChief Disruption Officer [BLOG]

Iain’s blog is full of sharp and thoughtful ideas about digital disruption. As co-founder and creative lead of Amnesia Razorfish Sydney he has established a peerless reputation and his blog is well worth subscribing to.


The Wall Street Journal – How To Tackle Digital Disruption in 2014 [VIDEO]

Synopsis: Three award-winning management thinkers explain what leaders must do if they wantwsj 125 a successful business model in the digital era. The WSJ interviewed Nilofer Merchant, Rita McGrath and Herminia Ibarra at the Thinkers50 management awards. As Nilofer Merchant says “Sustainable competitive advantage no longer exists”.


Mike Walsh – ‘10 Ways To Survive The Future: A Guide To 21st Century Business’  [WHITEPAPER]

Synopsis: In this whitepaper Mike Walsh explains why the future is about re-energizing teams, re-imagining a new future for business and re-discovering the original magic that was present at the birth of a company. He presents 10 practical but fundamental concepts that every business should adopt to prepare for the inevitable changes ahead (refer below graphic).

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10 ways survive future - whitepaper






Forrester Research – Digital disruption analysis [VIDEO]

forrester logoSynopsis: A playlist that includes a live presentation by James McQuivey (VP at Forrester and author of the book Digital Disruption) titled ‘The Next Disruption Where Digital Will Lead Us’, plus 6 shorter pre-recorded videos produced by Forrester that explains what is happening, why and how to manage through it.

(Length: 42 mins; 7 videos)


TrinityP3 – “7 digital innovation trends that are not going away… yet” – [BLOG] 

Synopsis: Post by Anton Buchner with his take on digital trends impacting marketing. They are: 4D printing, Phablets, Programmatic buying (an advertising industry technology), Retail experience gets connected, Virtual reality, Innovation centres, and Wearable technology.

Vision Critical & Crowd Companies – ‘Sharing Is The New Buying: How to Win in the Collaborative Economy’ [PRESENTATION]

Visioncritical_logo   crowdco logo


Synopsis: A comprehensive report based on responses from over 90,000 Internet users across the U.S., U.K. and Canada. It concludes that sharing online is mainstream and growing and has become a competitive threat to large corporations. It forecasts some future behaviours and contains recommendations for corporations to implement.