The Burning Platform blog is written and curated by Tim Nicholas.

I am a digital marketer at marketingbytes. I started this blog to explore the dramatic impacts on consumers and the business world due to what has become known as digital disruption.

It’s universally accepted that Internet-based technologies, and the explosion of devices that can connect every single person on the planet to the Internet, are disrupting traditional means of buying and selling.

The term ‘burning platform’ was coined by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, to describe his company’s uncertain future thanks to the proliferation of smartphones. How right he was! The term has passed into the language of business to describe a scenario where a company’s survival is threatened by startup competitors borne in this ultra-connected, mobile-only, technology-dominant era.

Over the past decade we have witnessed dramatic shifts in industries as diverse as music and book publishing, tourism, taxi services, automobiles, and financial services. Many more industries and companies will feel the heat of digital disruption in the coming years, and via this blog and other outlets I aim to explore and discuss those changes as they occur – maybe even before they occur!

I look forward to reading other people’s comments and thoughts too.

Cheers. Tim

Mobile: 0411 641 847 / Email / @TimOnTwtr / LinkedIn / Google+ / marketingbytes



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